Theses & Presentations




Completed PhD Theses


1. K. Ioannidis, “New  techniques for robot path planning and robot vision", DUTH, 2013.

2. P. Alvanitopoulos, “Analysis of Seismic Signals based on Intelligent Techniques for Damage Classification on Structural Buildings”, DUTH, 2012.

3. I. Georgoudas, “Modelling of Large Scale Systems based on Cellular Automata and their implementation in H/W”, DUTH, 2011.

4. C. Georgoulas, “Design and implementation of an electronic stereo vision system”, DUTH, 2010.

5. A. Amanatiadis, “Design and implementation of electronic circuits for real-time machine vision applications”, DUTH, 2009. Download (PDF, 5.28 MB, Greek)

6. K. Konstantinidis, “Design and implementation of novel image retrieval techniques based on color information", DUTH, 2008.

7. V. Vonikakis, “Design and implementation of a machine vision system based on the human vision system", DUTH, 2008. Download (PDF, 40.2 MB, Greek)

8. L. Kotoulas, "Design and implementation of new machine vision techniques for real-time pattern recognition applications", DUTH, 2007. Download (PDF, 5.65MB, Greek)

9. G. Louverdis, "Design and implementation of novel color machine vision techniques", DUTH, 2003.

10. Μ. Vardavoulia, "Design and implementation of novel color image processing techniques", DUTH, 2002.

11. Α. Gasteratos, "Design and implementation of non-linear image processing techniques with application specific  electronic circuits", DUTH, 1999.


PhD Theses In Progress

1. I. Konstantinidis.

2. G. Michailidis.

3. V. Mitraka.

4. E. Vrochidou.


Completed Masters Theses

1. G. Michailidis, “H/W Architectures for Robot Vision”, DUTH, 2011.

2. I. Konstantinidis, “Design and Implementation of Techniques of Binary Classification to Multiple Classes in Superviced Algorithms”, DUTH, 2011.

3. M. Papavasiliou, “Extraction of Seismic Parameters for Damage Classification in Buildings based on Hilbert Huang Transformation”, DUTH, 2011.

4. Ch. Iakovidou, “Machine Vision Systems Based on the Human Visual System”, DUTH, 2010.

5. C. Flouda, “Cooperative Robotics: Application to Synthesis of High Resolution Images”, DUTH, 2009.

6. E. Tziola, "The use of image moments in the design of image retrieval systems ", DUTH, 2007.

7. P. Gonidis, "Design and implementation of electronic stereoscopic machine vision systems", DUTH, 2007.

8. Ι. Gasteratos, "Intelligent signal processing techniques with applications to seismic signal processing", DUTH, 2006.

9. G. Panitsidis, "Design and implementation of novel image retrieval techniques based on multiple features", DUTH, 2006.

10. Ch. Mpatzios, "Design and implementation of an ASIC for image geometric transformations", DUTH, 2005.

11. Ι. Tsiftzis, "Fuzzy signal processing techniques with application to seismic signal processing", DUTH, 2005.

12. Ι. Psaroudakis, "Intelligent systems for monitoring and data processing through internet", DUTH, 2004.

13. L. Kotoulas, "Real-Time hardware architectures for feature extraction and applications to visual information retrieval", DUTH, 2004.

14. S. Chatzianagnostou, "Intelligent techniques for image impulsive noise  removal", DUTH, 2004.

15. S. Georgakopoulos, "The applications of graphs to color image processing", DUTH, 2004.

16. P. Zafeiridis, "Image retrieval using color and texture information", DUTH, 2003.

Masters Theses in Progress

1. O. Bouzos





Phd Theses


  In Progress

Master Theses


  In Progress

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